Cashback, promo codes and other ways to save when you travel with ShopBack!

For those of us who shop online frequently especially when it comes to travel items like booking of hotels and air tickets, these can add up to quite a pretty penny. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could save some money when it comes to our travel expenses? So we look for discounted airfares, hotel rates and tours online. But what if there was a way to earn some cash back for each trip that we book online?

What is Shopback?

Enter Shopback Singapore, a Singaporean startup that works with many online merchants to offer cashback and discounts to buyers like us. Recently, I was invited to try out Shopback and give my review on it. So I did my own research on Shopback itself. And this is what I found.

Shopback started in 2014 and has grown rapidly with total funding of more than USD 1 million. They have worked with more than 300 merchants all over the world including big names like Taobao, Zalora, Lazada, etc. Of course for travel related shopping, sites like Expedia, and are also covered. And here is a little news article from Channelnews Asia earlier this year on Shopback. Not bad for a small local startup.

How does it Work?

Basically, merchants reward Shopback with commissions for referring shoppers to the merchants’ websites. Part of the commission earned is shared with shoppers. Here is a video of how it works. Unlike some credit cards which offer cash rebates that can only be offset on your next purchase, the cashback that you earn can be credited into your Paypal or bank account.


Shopback and Travel Websites



I’m sure many of us use Expedia for our online travel purchases. How do you earn cashback on Expedia? Here is a video on how that works.




You not only can save on flights with ShopBack. For the short haul, if you travel a lot to Malaysia using the buses and KTM train, then you can use Shopback to make bookings with Easybook discount codes and earn cashback while you’re at it.




Or if you are a frequent Ctrip user, then you can use Ctrip coupon codes to save on expenses. There are plenty of other big names in the travel industry for you to save on. So be sure to have a look through!

In addition to the usual discounts and cashbacks, also look out for Shopback’s 99 promotions where you can earn even more cashback and discounts.

So excuse me while I go online and try to earn some cashback.

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