GPSMyCity Giveaway

Have you ever been to a new city and felt overwhelmed at the choices of too many things to do and visit? Don’t you wish that someone could tell you where to go? Well, GPSMyCity may be just the app for you with it’s downloadable self guided city tours.

GPSMyCity has been available since 2009 and now with more than 6,500 articles covering more than 1,000 cities, they have a very comprehensive library of travel guides available at your fingertips. The GPSMyCity app is available on IOS and Android, and is free to download.

Their self-guided city walks are free to download and turns your smartphone into a personal tour guide. The travel articles and maps are also available offline so you don’t have to incur data roaming charges or find a wifi hot spot. This is what I like as I don’t have to carry bulky guide books or maps with me.

While the articles are free to download, the best features of the app are available on the paid version. These include GPS guided directions to the attraction of your choice and the ability to create an offline map customized to the list of attractions that you want to visit.

While many of the articles cover the main attractions of the city, there are also articles that relate to off the beaten path attractions or interests that might not be obvious to the casual traveler. This is especially so if it’s a small city that is not well covered by the main travel guides.

In partnership with GPSMyCity, I have 10 free annual subscriptions to GPSMyCity worth US$18.99 each to give way. This subscription allows you full access to all the travel content on GPSMyCity for 1 year. To qualify for the free annual subscription all you need to do is comment on this post on where you intend to visit next in 2018, and why you want to go there. 10 lucky winners with the most interesting responses will be notified by email, so be sure to enter your email in the appropriate field. This give away will close on 29 June 2018.


One thought on “GPSMyCity Giveaway

  1. I plan to go Hong Kong next, to hike at a few of its trails. It would be useful to have a GPS pal like GPSMyCity so I don’t have to scrub through Google maps to know where the best parts of Hong Kong are.

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