Thun where? You might be asking. This is one of those out of the way towns that I visited in Switzerland. Until now I can’t recall exactly what brought me to this town. It must have been a stop to change trains and I decided to explore the town instead. I had bought the rail pass which lets me travel free on the Swiss trains on second class seats, so if you staying long term in Switzerland, this rail pass is a pretty handy thing to carry.

Thun is in central Switzerland and lies beside Lake Thun, as it is with most Swiss towns. Situated at an altitude of 560m above sea level, the weather can change quite drastically as I found out the hard way. It was summer and I had arrived wearing just a T-shirt and jeans. But the clouds soon moved in and the temperature dropped to 10°C, I had to quickly buy a winter jacket for SFR50 at a sale in one of the stores, or suffer possible hypothermia. I have a feeling that the stores know about the weather changes and always have sales like this.

After my quick but necessary retail therapy. I went about Thun. There is a 12th century castle overlooking the town, and it is now a museum with a collection of medieval weapons and armour if you are into those sort of stuff.

Thun Castle on a hill overlooking the town.
Thun Castle on a hill overlooking the town. It is now a museum of medieval Swiss life.
The tower of the main church in Thun.
The clock tower of the main church in Thun. The fog had started to move in and the temperature dropped drastically.

The other prominent feature of the town is the main church, Stadtkirche Thun. The town still retains it’s medieval look due to the preservation of the old buildings that surround Castle Thun. There is also Schloss Schadau and it’s nice park which gives a panoramic view of the Swiss Alps and Lake Thun.

I find that Thun is the kind of place to go if you want to avoid the crowds, and if you are looking for the small town charm. It makes a good day trip kind of place as it is pretty small and you can see most of it in a day. It is close to Interlaken and Jungfraujoch, so it could be a good stop over if you are in the area.

One thought on “Thun

  1. I liked Thun a lot. The old town is charming. Similar to other Swiss towns, but still unique in its own way.

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