Exploring the Blue Mountains – Katoomba Cascades

Most people come to Katoomba just to see the 3 Sisters. But besides that, there is a small waterfall that you can visit easily, even if you don’t have a rental car to drive around. As the name suggests, Katoomba Cascades is within the town of Katoomba and you can easily get to it by walking, or taking the local bus #686 and getting off at the stop near it. A short walk through the small park and you are at the waterfall.

Katoomba 2
Katoomba Cascades is actually the start to Katoomba Falls. As the water continues further, it falls off the edge of the cliff to form Katoomba Falls.

The cascades falls through small rock pools and you can actually soak in the water if you want to.

From Katoomba Cascades, the trail continues to a viewpoint and also the station for the Scenic World Skyway.

Katoomba 1
Follow the walking trail from Katoomba Cascades and you can get to see where the water goes. It forms Katoomba Falls which drops 230m in several steps into the Jamison Valley.
Katoomba 3
You can only catch this view of Katoomba Falls from the Scenic World Skyway.
Katoomba 4
A plus point is that you can also see the 3 Sisters rock formation from here too.

From here you can either go to Scenic World which means buying a ticket at the Skyway station, or take the local bus back to Katoomba town, or continue with the trail which forms Prince Henry Cliff Walk. A flight of stairs descends to the mid point of Katoomba Falls where you can get a closer view of the waterfall.

For bird lovers, you also get to see the native cockatoos and parrots which inhibit the forests around here.

Katoomba 6
These cockatoos can be seen flying in flocks in the morning as they search for food and the evening when they return to their nests.
Katoomba 5
A parrot which has made it’s nest in this tree near Katoomba Cascades.


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