I’ve curated some of my best photos to be reproduced as wall art pieces. These are printed on a metal backing with gloss finish and ready to adorn your wall. Each print comes in a 20″ x 30″ (50.8 x 76.2 cm) size.

Each metal print comes frameless and in gloss finish. This gives a floating effect when mounted on the wall.
The back of the metal sheet has an aluminum backing which allows it to be mounted on small hooks or screws.

Take note of the following before your order:
• Payment is by Paypal
• Your delivery address will be the one in your Paypal account so do make sure it’s updated
• Free delivery for Singapore addresses
• For overseas addresses, email for shipping charges before placing your order
• Allow up to 14 days for delivery in Singapore.

Sunset Monks

I shot this in Mandalay, Myanmar while sitting in a small boat, watching sunset at U Bein Bridge. Two monks were standing along a boardwalk watching the sunset and the right moment presented itself when the setting Sun silhouetted one of the monks’ head.

SGD 600.00

Halong Bay

This photo was taken in Halong Bay, Vietnam. I was in one of the junk cruises and saw the Sun setting behind the numerous islands of the bay. The contrast of the Sun and the grey tones of the limestone islands creates interesting depth to the picture.

SGD 600.00


This picture was taken while braving the cold of the mountain air which can fall below 20°C during the mornings in Chiangrai, northern Thailand. The glow of the morning sky and the mountains still in the shadow of twilight make for an abstract shot.

SGD 600.00

Rainbow Church

A passing shower created this rainbow with one end near an Icelandic church in the south coast of Iceland. You may not find a pot of gold here, but you will find salvation.

SGD 600.00

Bridge Climbers

A telephoto shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Opera House. You can see the small figures of tourists making the Bridge climb. The silhouette of the bridge splits the evening sky into two different colours.

SGD 600.00

Holy Man

Taken in Mandalay, Myanmar at a popular tourist site, U Bein Bridge. Probably one of the hardest shots to pull off. I had to wait for the tourists to clear from from the bridge briefly, while a monk happened to walk past the setting Sun. This happened in a second and then the moment was gone.

SGD 600.00

Mt Fuji

A monochrome picture of Mt Fuji in Japan during winter. This view of the volcano taken from Gotemba shows the smaller volcanic crater Mt Hoei in front. Snow can also be seen blowing off the summit of Mt Fuji. This photo shows the contrast between the freshly fallen snow and black lava.

SGD 600.00

Snow Monkey

This photo was taken at the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. During the freezing winter, these monkeys come to the hot springs to bathe and soak themselves in the hot water to keep warm.

SGD 600.00


The sight of molten lava flowing into the sea, forming new land and clouds of steam is awe inspiring. This photo was taken in Hawaii Island and involved a 4 mile hike to the lava flow, climbing over sharp and glass like solidified lava to get a look.

SGD 600.00

Floating Boat

A ferry boat carrying passengers to cross the Irrawaddy River at Bagan, Myanmar. For the locals, this is a convenient way to get across instead of making a long journey to the nearest bridge. Even motorcycles are carried aboard instead of detouring for miles.

SGD 600.00

Sky Lanterns

Novice monk release sky lanterns during the Yee Peng festival in Chiangmai, Thailand. This festival coincides with the Loy Krathong festival in Thailand. The releasing of sky lanterns during Yee Peng signifies letting go of your bad luck and problems.

SGD 600.00

Trees in the Sea

Dead trees lie half submerged in the sea along the northern coast of Singapore in what is known locally as the Last Fishing Village. This is a monochrome picture of sunset which is a popular time to photograph the area.

SGD 600.00

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