Shop Launch

It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally got my blog’s e-commerce page up. I must admit that the journey to set this up wasn’t as easy as I thought. Obviously, deciding what kind of product to sell and the price point was something that I had learnt in my MBA class. But when you have your own personal interest invested in it, it becomes a different thing altogether, and coupled with the fear of failure. It’s something taking courses won’t prepare you for.

And coupled with the technicalities of setting up e-payment options in WordPress, thinking about how to handle order fulfillment and shipping is enough to put most people off the thought of doing something like that. Doubts like this leads to procrastination, and as they say “Procrastination is the thief of time”. It’s taken me longer than I should.

So here is the link to my Shop page where I selected the best photos I’ve taken. Well, I think they are the best by my standards anyway, and I hope most people will agree with me. To keep things simple, I’ve decided to just go with only metal prints of one standard size which gives a luxurious look and feel to these photos.

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